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10/07/05 09:22 PM
ipaq 4705 vs dell axim 51v

Shopping for a new handheld device and just need some advice. Choosing between the HP Ipaq 4105 or the Dell Axim 51v. Looks like both have the 624mhz processor but there are some differences in ROM space.

What are your opinions on these two devices?


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10/22/05 08:04 PM
Re: ipaq 4705 vs dell axim 51v

The iPAQ hx4705 has a better, larger display, though the Dell's isn't bad. The Dell runs the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 while the iPAQ OS upgrade won't be available until Q1 of next year. So if you like the latest, greatest, the Dell wins. However, the X51v has it's quirks and Dell will probbly issue a ROM update in a month or two to fix those.

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11/22/05 09:16 PM
Re: ipaq 4705 vs dell axim 51v

The Dell is a better machine to play games with, as more and more games now support intel 2700 graphic accelerator on the Dell. also the touchpad on the 470x has slow response, unlike the dpad on the dell.

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