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02/05/06 05:06 PM
IPAQ 4700 vs 2750 - general questions - please help.

Hi, I'm about to buy one of these devices having no experience with Pocket PC at all. Please help me in this decision. Any advice is appreciated, but I'm mainly confused by these things:

1. In general it's the case of 4700's 640x480 display versus 2750's 128MB of RAM.
Which one of these features is more important/usefull? Will 4700's 64 MB of RAM suffice (even after upgrading it to Windows Mobile 5.0)? I've seen benchmarks of graphic subsystems of the both devices, and 4700 looks awfull here. It's a lot of money to spend and I want to be satisfied...

2. I've heard that 4700's touchpad and buttons sucks. Is it so annoying that I should stop thinking about buying 4700 and stick with 2750?

3. What about general experiences when using this devices? Which one should I buy?


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02/06/06 04:29 AM
Re: IPAQ 4700 vs 2750 - general questions - please help.

try the dell x51v for a device. it can be purchased at 325, its got 196mb of ROM and 64 RAM. I have a WM5 device, and have email, opera and instant messaging running at the same time and my 64mb RAM usually have over 10mb left.

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