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06/29/04 03:03 PM
Bosity Enhancement Screen Protector Review

Gadgeteer.com has the review for Bosity enhancement Screen Protector. This enhancement PDA screen protector is very inexpensive and long-lasting.
It is washable, reusable and anti-glare. The screen protector has a gentle adhesive back. It is practically available for every Sony Clie, Palm, iPAQ, Toshiba, Dell Axim, Pocket Loox, Handspring handhelds as well as some Smart Phone.


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06/30/04 02:07 PM
Re: Bosity Enhancement Screen Protector Review

Can it be used on the Mitac Mio 168?

(PDA Addict)
07/03/04 12:11 AM
Re: Bosity Enhancement Screen Protector Review

I've used CompanionLink screen protectors from http://www.freescreenprotectors.com/ for years on a number of devices. Use the discount code FREESP and all you pay is shipping. They are anti-glare yet nicely transparent. I've never had a problem with them, nor seen a reason to spend more money for the same protection.

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