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05/04/08 06:21 AM
PDA/phone for internet

Hello, I need advice on what to buy!
What I need:
- Wi-Fi
- GPRS/EDGE, 3G would be nice
- GSM quadband phone
- At least a 2M camera with video, 5M would be nice
- Good video/mp3 playback
- Good quality screen - size, res, color...
- Bluetooth
- Dedicated GPS chipset
- A keypad would be nice
What I will use it for (in order of usage):
- Web surfing (java, flash,...)
- e-mail (pop3)
- Office: word, excel
- taking pictures/video
- mp3
- watching videos
- ocasional game
- phone
I travel a lot and work at sea, I need something small that can do basicaly what a notebook can plus GPS, camera and phone. I will use it mostly on wi-fi conection at home and at work and would not like to spend a lot more than US$500. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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05/04/08 03:00 PM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

How about the Nokia N95?

There's the US N95 8 gig version:

The US microSD card slot US N95-3 version:

and the original N95 with Euro 3G: .

The N95-3 (US 3G and warranty model) can be found for just under $500 these days.

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05/04/08 04:11 PM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

Thanks a lot for the reply! I was actualy looking at the N95 8gb, the Glofiish X800, the M700, the Tilt, HTC TyTN, and even the 3G IPhone that?s supposed to hit the stores soon.
Out of the ones I mentioned, which one has the best screen and which gives the best internet/multmedia experience??
Another thing, how do I know if I need the Euro or US model for 3G use in Brazil?
Thanks again.

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05/05/08 02:46 AM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

Well, it's really hard to comment on the 3G iPhone since it's only rumored and I (and no one outside of Apple and AT&T) have seen it. But I'd say the existing 2G iPhone has the best display. The Glofiish X800 comes in 2nd since it's VGA-- but the caveat is that Windows Mobile doesn't make extensive use of the VGA display (most things are shown at QVGA resolution) and the display is significantly smaller than the iPhone's at 2.8". The N95 has an excellent QVGA display that looks a little better than the Tilt, TyTN and etc. since it's not a touch screen.

I believe some carriers in Brazil use the same bands as the US for 3G, though they're also rolling out on the Euro 2100MHz band:

As you probably guessed, non can compare to the N95 in the camera department though.

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05/05/08 04:19 AM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

On the site it says that the N95 sold here is 850/1900/2100MHz ( So, is it a different version of the 1,2,3,4 variants?
I did not realize that the n95 didn?t have a touch screen! Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you type? I wish I could have a keypad but I can live with a virtual one on a touch screen. A numeric keypad only would be too much of a compromise for my internet needs! The main reason I would get a n95 would be for the camera since it beats almost everything else on this department, but I am starting to lean more towards something like the x800/m800 or the TyTN II Kaiser. How is the TyNT II in comparison to the m800? And what are other good options in this configuration: Keypad, good screen, good web surfing, e-mail, good video playback, dedicated GPS chipset, decent camera (with decent video).....? Sorry for asking so many things but there are so many variables! Tahnks again.

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05/05/08 07:53 PM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

You could use a folding Bluetooth keyboard with the N95.

None of the Nokia N95 variants have triband 3G. My Spanish isn't very good, but since they list out 2100MHz HSDPA separately from 850/1900MHz, they may be covering both the N95-1 and N95-3 on that page.

We don't have the M800 in-house and are waiting for the M810 to arrive for review, so I can't really say much from experience. Note that the X800 lacks a hardware keyboard too, so you'd have to use the on-screen keyboard or handwriting recognition (or an external Bluetooth keyboard).

The E-TEN products have a dedicated SiRF III GPS which is better than the aGPS in the TyTN II. They're similar for web browsing (though the X800's VGA screen means you can see more of a page at a time). The E-TEN products handle video playback a bit better.

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05/06/08 12:33 AM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

I really see your point on the BT keyboard, but there will be times when I won?t be able to use it. Too bad, because the n95 (n96!) fits all of my needs except for that very important one. If it had at least a touch screen I would settle.
They are auctioning (??) the frequencies down here. One carrier got the 2100MHz in one state and the 850MHz in another. I don?t get why a carrier would do that... (BTW that was portuguese!)
From what you say the X800 would be a better option than the TyNT II, but it doesn?t have the keypad and the camera is weak (and the TyNT II looks way better). If the M810 has a better camera then it would be perfect. I will wait for that review! Is there anything else with the same M810/TyNT II configuration that I should be looking at? Or maybe something like the N95/n96, but with a touchscreen at least?
Your guidance is much appreciated, thanks!

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05/13/08 04:40 PM
Re: PDA/phone for internet

Well, it seems we'll have to wait a good long bit to see a new touch screen Nokia phone. There's always the BlackBerry Curve (no 3G) 8310 with GPS, 2 MP camera, music player, great email and etc. It uses aGPS rather than SiRF (as does the TyTN II).

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