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08/05/08 05:37 PM
PDA with GPS capability

I am looking for PDA that has map loading and waypoint storage capabilities with large memory for GIS/GPS softwares.

Please recommend a model or direct to other review links.


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08/05/08 07:27 PM
Re: PDA with GPS capability

There are quite a few on the market if you want one that also has a mobile phone inside. or are you looking for a standalone PDA? If so, the Nokia N810 http://www.mobiletechreview.com/Nokia-N810.htm and the HP iPAQ 310 are the two current PDA (or PDA-like) devices on the market.

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12/20/08 04:18 PM
Re: PDA with GPS capability

I have the same issue but I purchased a Garmin IQUE 3600 after having a Palm pilot. The IQUE was great and the main issue I had was that the batteries would not last even though the auto adapter would keep it powered up. I sent it back to Garmin twice for new batteries. I emailed Garmin and they now tell me that the IQUE 3600 is "obsolete. Are there any other manufacturers that have a PDA/GPS. I presently have Verizon as my cell service and they have nothing.

12/22/08 09:44 AM
Re: PDA with GPS capability

Although this information is a little old, it could still help?
CNET reviews the top PDA's with GPS capabilities.

Or check out the latest PDA reviews

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