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11/06/08 06:41 PM
Recommendation for replacement Pocket PC?

My second HP Jornada 568 just died, and I think it's time to move up a bit, as the 568 is now really old technology.The Windows PC 2002 OS was a bit limited, and wouldn't run Pocket Access, so I'd really like to get a pocket PC that will run Pocket Access.

Not needed: phone, GPS, or bluetooth

Needed: A screen that's big enough to read, something that will work with ActiveSynch, car-rechargeable, and durable.

USED is preferred to new, since cash is tight. I've bought the last two off of ebay with good results.

The choices among Ipaqs is staggering, way too many to sort through without personal experience. The Dell Axims look interesting, but HP is all I've ever used.

I'll mainly be running Outlook type software, and some proprietary database software.

Any suggestions on what to avoid, or on what to look for?

Thanks in advance..........

(Head Honcho)
11/08/08 03:58 AM
Re: Recommendation for replacement Pocket PC?

There are several possibilities if you're into used/discontinued models. What's your price range? That would help narrow it down.

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