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08/29/09 04:26 PM
Garmin Mobile XT Nokia N97

I am looking Garmin Mobile XT for My Nokia N97 for North america
but i am confused with following part #
1)Part Number: 010-11034-00 Garmin Mobile? XT North America
2)Item #: 010-10844-00 Garmin Mobile? 20 microSD card with navigation and maps
3)Part Number: 010-10843-00 Garmin Mobile? 20 MMCmobile card with navigation and maps
all looks same to me (really confused)

which one is the best and latest and what is the differance between them
your help is greatly appriciated

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08/30/09 07:30 PM
Re: Garmin Mobile XT Nokia N97

From what you listed, I'd say #1 probably comes on a CD with no storage card. #2 comes with the software on a microSD card (plus CD) and #3 comes on an MMC card (again, likely also with companion CD).

I'd go with the microSD version-- you can just pop the card in the N97 without having to do desktop syncing and map transfers.

You definitely don't want #3 that comes with an MMC card since the N97 doesn't have an MMC card slot.

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08/31/09 01:45 PM
Re: Garmin Mobile XT Nokia N97


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