08/12/13 01:06 AM
PC help needed

I have a Lenovo X220 laptop for about two years now. Recently, I had to replace my hard drive because there was a failure. I bought a new one from Lenovo and had to reinstall Windows 7. After my re-installation, I have had problems with the laptop experiencing random freezes. It would freeze at least once per day about 5 minutes and then it would work normally again. Is there any way to correct this issue?

Another issue I have been facing is a display issue which I do not know how to correct. When I first bought the laptop, Lenovo came pre-installed with many of the company's own software. For instance, Lenovo Battery Power Manager. After re-installing Windows 7, I have tried to re-install all of the Lenovo software but for some reason the icons do not fit how they used to fit. The Lenovo Battery Power Manager normally fits by the bottom right of the dock (left of the time and language bar). After I restart my laptop, the battery icon is somewhat floating in between the dock and my desktop. At first I thought it was a display problem so I tried to update my video card but that didn't work. I tried re-installing it and it would work momentarily up to the point when I restarted/shut down my computer.

Please advise on what should I do. Do I need to re-install Windows 7 again?

Thank You for all your help.

(Head Honcho)
08/13/13 12:17 AM
Re: PC help needed

Goodness, sounds like things aren't going well with that new HDD. My guess is that some drivers didn't get installed with the Win 7 installation. If Lenovo had a recovery disc with drivers, things would be easier, or a recovery partition on the replacement HDD. If you call Lenovo, maybe they'll send you recovery media so you can get everything re-installed like it was from the factory.

09/10/13 01:18 AM
Re: PC help needed

Thank you. I will try to do that as soon as I can.

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