Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
02/15/11 10:19 PM
New iPhone App: Anti Sleep Pilot Helps You to Be Safe on the Road

ASP Technology today released an iPhone and iPad app that will help you stay awake while driving. Anti Sleep Pilot App combines your device's accelerometer, clock, timer, GPS and other apps to help prevent fatigue driving related accidents. Here is more info:

The app is easily configured; users create a baseline profile the first time they use the app. Before each drive, the app helps the driver determine his or her current fatigue status. During the drive, the app automatically calculates the driver's fatigue level combining personal information with drive data such as time of day and drive time which is automatically registered by the iPhone.

The user's fatigue level is displayed on the screen. A series of light and sound tests are used to break the monotony of driving and maintain the driver's alertness. The app records the reaction time, which is also used as one of the 26 input factors in the calculation of the driver's fatigue level. Ultimately the app sounds an alarm, alerting the driver to take a preventive rest break when they are about to reach a critical driving-fatigue level. The app also displays driving distance, average driving speed, and the progression of the driver's fatigue level. The application is also integrated with Google Maps.


? Automatic detection of movement: uses GPS and accelerometer to monitor your driving
? Personalization: customize the application by creating your own personal risk profile
? Automatic calculation: calculates your fatigue level and keeps you informed of this on the screen
? Break recommendations: recommends breaks before your fatigue level becomes critical
? Alertness maintaining tests: helps you stay focused by administering simple tasks
? Statistical overview: presents important data about your trip ? e.g. driving time, distance, average speed, etc.
? Trip planning: see your driving range
? Trip overview

The Anti Sleep Pilot App is currently available on the Apple App Store at an introductory price of $19.99:


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