Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/10/15 02:59 PM
Macally Mini Displayport Adaptor for MacBook Review

Macally's Mini Displayport Adapter is an incredibly useful device that allows you to use displays with HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs, even if your computer doesn't have these ports. As long as you have a computer with a Mini Displayport, Simply plug the device into your computer, and your DVI/HDMI/VGA cable into the device. There are no drivers to load, and it works flawlessly, as you'd expect from Macally. While there are many adaptors and cables on the market that will allow you to connect these displays to computers, this one is particularly handy because, with a single adapter, you can use all three (provided you have the necessary cables).

What's that? Your new computer has a Thunderbolt port rather than a Mini Displayport? Worry not. On Mac laptops, the Thunderbolt port is also the Mini Displayport Adapter. So even though the product name doesn't mention Thunderbolt, it will work with Thunderbolt ports that are backwards compatible with all Mini Displayport peripherals. Of course, this information is not in the product name. It is, however, in very tiny and confusing print on the box. Confusing because it's printed System Requirements state: "Any Apple Computer with an available Thunderbolt Port and Mini Displayport" (emphasis added). No, you do not need both ports, which is a good thing because Apple has never made a computer that has both. Also, if you're looking to buy this direct from Macally, you will find it on their Macally for Education page.

Marketing rant aside, this is an incredibly useful device for anybody who wants to connect a projector, HDTV, or older computer monitor to their Mac. Keep in mind, however, that of the three, only HDMI supports audio. Even the sorcerers at Macally can't get audio out of a VGA cable.


A great multipurpose video adapter. It works perfectly with both Mini Displayports and Thunderbolt ports. Perfect for Propellerhead Road Warriors and Power Powerpointers.

Editor's Ratings (1-5): 5
What's Hot: Works with any Mini Displayport or Thunderbolt port to give you HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports.
What's Not: Name is misleading (also works with Thunderbolt ports).
Price: $39.99
Web site: Macally

Reviewed by: Tom Slayton



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