(junior member)
07/26/07 01:08 PM
FM Radio on 6600

Is it possible to install a FM radio player on Nokia 6600

I know that 6600 does not have an hardware to support mobile player. But i am looking for some additional device which can be attached to 6600


(Head Honcho)
07/28/07 02:50 PM
Re: FM Radio on 6600

I don't know of any add-on solutions, unfortunately.

(junior member)
11/22/07 11:57 AM
Re: FM Radio on 6600

there is a hardware chip which is installed on motherboard of phone to catch radio signal so it is not possible to listen radio. But u can use gprs service as there r many radio software which uses gprs. Or there is a special earphones introdused by nokia itself which catches radio signals so u can go for that hands free earphones also.

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